Your Partner in Achieving Sustainable Growth in South Asia

With MMA, leverage a unique blend of digital competencies and selective partnerships for direct access to top South Asian student segments, delivering enduring, cost-effective growth

MM Advisory Services

Transforming Recruitment: Your Direct Connection to Top Students

MMA's unique, digitally powered lead generation and lead conversion processes enable high-quality engagement with India's best student segments, ensuring high-quality leads and effective conversions for you.

<span>Transforming Recruitment: Your Direct Connection to Top Students</span>

Building Brands for Long-Term

MMA is uniquely focused on the Canada market only. We work with a select few institutions only, with a mandate to deliver enduring growth, build your brand for the long-term, and deliver cost-effective outcomes.

<span>Building Brands for Long-Term</span>

Unmatched Advisory Solutions for a Competitive Edge

Navigate the complex South Asian education market with our advisory solutions, facilitating institutional partnerships and strategic market orientation

<span>Unmatched Advisory Solutions for a Competitive Edge</span>

"In 2014, the Canadian government awarded Ms. Mathai the prestigious Governor-General’s medallion for her dedication to learning and to promoting Canadian education interests in India."

Government of Canada

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